My Recovery Skills program has been developed to facilitate growth and development for individuals struggling with skills that many of us take for-granted.  In addition to skill development, My Recovery Skills program utilizes an on-line platform to facilitate psycho-educational groups covering a wide array of topics.  My Recovery Skills offers a simplified and directed approach to each issue and is presented in a way that anyone can understand.  

My Recovery Skills program is meant to support individuals working within a recovery program or through the support of a mental health, addiction or outreach worker.  Engagement by the individual in the program allows both the worker and the individual to examine issues and solutions in a simple and active way.  The main benefit of the program is to educate the individual about the benefits, thereby encouraging and motivating individuals for change.  Many struggling or marginalized individuals simply see progress as an overwhelming dream.  Working through each of the modules, completing the exercises and tackling each issue one at a time builds confidence and promotes change.  Being motivated to change, acknowledging that change is possible and having a plan for change will greatly improve the likelihood of stable and supportive life.


Life Skill Development

My Recovery Skills offers a comprehensive life skills program that supports individuals with necessary skills required in today's society.  From basic needs exploration to communications skills, the My Recovery Skills program identifies areas that require attention and the development of skills required to interact with co-workers to family.

Early Abstinence Development

The Early abstinence program offers individuals the tools and understanding required to navigate the first three months of their recovery journey.  With a focus on mental health, addiction awareness and coping tools, individuals gain insight into their disease(s) and are better able to manage the rough seas prevalent while detoxing and healing their brain.

Early Recovery Development

The Early Recovery program offers individuals the opportunity to build on their recovery program by digging deeper into the behavioral and beliefs aspect of their disease.  By exploring spiritual principals related to recovery, individuals can work to change their perception of the world and begin to heal.  With a cognitive behavioral therapy approach, indiviuals can put these tools into action immediately and begin to become aware of their growth. ​


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